MyParks Awards 2023 – Announcement

In line with MyParks’ mission to promote sustainably managed parks, in 2022 the first MyParks Award is organised.

MyParks Awards include categories of Forest Park, Urban Park and Local Park. In 2022, MyParks Award will focus on forest recreation areas where we are very fortunate to foster partnership with Department of Forestry Malaysia (FDPM).

The forest recreation areas under the management FDPM, are forested areas of natural aesthetics and used by public at large. The areas may also support the economy of the surrounding communities.

Sustainability of such areas should be prioritised to benefit the public as well as to keep nature intact.

Through MyParks awards process, the values of balanced management will be evaluated in determining the best Forest Park to be recognised as the top places.

Nominations are very much welcome, and evaluation will be conducted through desk announcements (30%) and the field site assessment (70%).

To submit your nomination please fill the form here

The important deadlines are as below:

Tentative for MyParks Award 2022

Activity / MilestoneDate
Call for Submission:
+ Submission Opening:10th January 2023
+ Submission Closing:10th April 2023
+ Desk Assessment (30%):1st May 2023
+ Site Assessment (70%):1st November 2023
+ Determination by MPAOC:mid November 2023
+ Award CeremonyDecember 2023

Awards Information

Goal (Policy Level)

  • To elevate parks and green spaces, many of which are neglected, derelict, barely maintained, and even dangerous for people, into places of community pride and
    symbol of prosperity.
  • To provide opportunity for benchmarking parks, either public or private, to promote natural park areas and green spaces to provide unlimited benefits for all
    spectrum of society; including natural heritage, biodiversity, fauna and flora, landscapes and buildings, parks and natural area economics, economics of wellbeing,
    economics of parks and tourism).
  • To establish agreed standards of good park and green spaces management, to help justify funding, evaluate functions, facilities, accessibility, programs, activities,
    safety, health and provision for general wellbeing of users from all ages and abilities (including essential programs for children – natural play and freedom of
    imaginative play, etc.; for adults – programs for work vs worklessness and home vs homelessness, etc.)

Objectives (Program Level)

  • The Site – Recognizes and rewards well managed parks and green spaces.
  • The Management – Recognizes and rewards managers, staff and volunteers for their hard work, creativity and ingenuity.
  • The Users – Recognizes and rewards community involvement to ensure parks and green spaces meet the needs of community.

Purpose (Park Management Level)

  • Introduces benchmark standard for the management of outdoor recreational spaces.
  • Promotes and share best practices in parks and outdoor spaces management.
  • Promotes conservation of intrinsic values that benefit people, wildlife, soils, water, air and vegetation essential for healthy environment.
  • Promotes life sciences education across generations towards sustainable practices for climate change.

Requirement for Applicants

  • Management Plan – must be active plan used for site management, quantifiable, and a proof of value for customers, users, higher management and funders.
  • Plan for improvement – fully costed management plan into 1-3 years into the future.
  • Best Practices – list and evidences of good/best practices adopted.
  • No limit on the size of the site (may range from less than one hectare to thousands of hectares)

Requirement for Judges

  • New judges are required to attend a 2-day induction training
  • All judges are required to 3-day training on annual basis
  1. Briefing on judging process and requirements of award, criteria in detail, under 10 section heading.
  2. Training on how to examine and assess each criterion, assess the kind of evidences
  3. Training on how to Outline suggestions for improvement on future development and management plan to park managers and management.
  4. Training on how to prepare advisory report written by at least two expert judges for each report.

The criteria for the judging are as below:

Criteria 1
Natural Appeal / Keindahan Semulajadi (15%)
Criteria 2
Site Condition / Keadaan Tapak (15%)
Criteria 3
Visitation and Involvement / Lawatan dan Penglibatan (5%)
Criteria 4
Sense of Place / Tafsiran Tempat (10%)
Criteria 5
Activity Spectrum / Spektrum Aktiviti (5%)
Criteria 6
Comfort and Safety / Keselesaan dan Keselamatan (20%)
Criteria 7
Education and Communication / Komunikasi dan Pendidikan (15%)
Criteria 8
Relaxation and Reflection / Istirahat dan Ketenangan (refleksi) (5%)
Criteria 9
Land Access / Kemudahsampaian (5%)
Criteria 10
Overall Sustainable Practices / Amalan Kelestarian Keseluruhan (5%)
Total Overall = 100%

Hence, the deserving forest parks of MyParks awards should be ones which are sustainably managed where social-economic benefits do not sacrifice the natural resources of the place. The aesthetics are enjoyed with only needed infrastructures that are blended well within the environment.

MyParks Award deserving park are those special places that evoke the sense of attachment to the natural environment.

MyParks Awards winner should also be those addressing as many Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030) as possible.