MyParks Awards – First Announcement

MyParks Awards
First Announcement

+ 18 February 2021
+ Malaysia Parks, Recreation And Amenity Management Society (MyParks) is proud to announce the launch of the Malaysia Park Sustainability Recognition.

+ MyParks Awards are given to parks that demonstrate good parks, amenity and recreation management.

Park General Criteria

+  Parks are large areas of land used for recreational and tourism activities which includes green spaces, playgrounds, gardens, recreational forests and protected areas that contributes to quality of life and livable communities.

+  Park with amenities that relates to the useful feature or desirable state of place that contributes towards comfort, health and safety, harmony and aesthetics.

+  Park that offers recreational opportunities for activities conducted during leisure and programs for health and wellbeing that are accessible by persons of all ages and abilities.

+  Park that serves the public and community and strives to provide protected public lands to improve water quality, prevent flooding, improve air quality, provide vegetative buffers to development, provide habitat for wildlife, provide place for children, adult, elderly and families to connect with nature and recreate outdoors.

+  Park that improves socio-economy, provide health and environmental benefits and garner social importance that provide sense of pride and community cohesion.

+  parks that demonstrate good parks, amenity and recreation management relating to the process of balancing socio-economical and ecological benefits through effective administration of park in serving the function of the park’s establishment.

Award Categories



Types of Parks

Submission Fee Per Entry


C1: Local Park

Community Parks Neighbourhood Parks
Pocket Parks
Parks in residential development

RM 200.00


C2: Urban Park

City Parks
Town Parks
Parks in urban environment

RM 300.00


C3: Forest Park

Recreational Park
Nature Park
Parks of forest nature and characteristics

RM 500.00

MyParks Awards 2021


+ Call for Submission: Early March 2021
+ Submission Opening: End of March 2021
+ Submission Closing: End of April 2021
+ Desk Assessment (30%): May 2021
+ Site Assessment (70%): June – July 2021
+ Determination by MPAOC: August 2021
+ Endorsement by MPC: Sept 2021
+ Announcement of Finalists: October 2021
+ Award Ceremony: Dec 2021

Awards Ranking


Benefits of Winning MyParks Awards

MyParks Awards brings the benefit of being affiliated with a prestigious awards programme along with enhanced reputation and increased pride amongst park management, administrators, communities and users.

+ Winners are honoured the awards at the Annual MyParks Awards Ceremony in December each year.
+ Each Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze winner will receive a plaque and all finalists receive Certificates to promote the status.

+ The MyParks awards, as the national standard for park benchmark, comes with a vast amount of prestige and a marker for civic achievement that provides communities with great sense of belonging and pride.

+ Winning a MyParks Award demonstrates clear improvement has been made to a site by the park management and community leaders through improved amenity/facility upgrades and general cleanliness of an area, boost community profile, improve health and education, and fostered collaborative empowerment.

+ Award winners could display MyParks Award logos on their publicity and marketing materials throughout the year to elevate their community profile to attract tourism opportunities, provide lever for obtaining funding, grants and other revenue opportunities.
+ Every winner is provided their own dedicated page on MyParks/MyParks Awards website that includes a description of the park, location, contact information and information on facilities and events as provided by park management.

Call for Entries – Coming Soon…

MyParks Awards Organizing Committee (MPAOC) will announce the ”Call for Entries” on the MyParks Website for official application by submitting park candidates.

Please look out for the following:

+ Awards Submission Guideline
+ MyParks Awards Assessment/Judging Guideline
+ Application Form
+ Presentation materials
+ Short video

Call for Volunteers & Sponsors

MyParks is calling for volunteers for the following:
+ Panel of Jury
+ PR and marketing crew
+ Event management crew
+ Virtual studio crew
+ Sponsors

Please click and register to volunteer!

MyParks Awards – First Announcement